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The Ajou Networking Systems(NetSys) Research Group is a research collaboration effort between the Ubiquitous Networked Systems (UbiNeS) Laboratory and the Ajou Embedded Intelligent Systems (AEIS) Laboratory within the Department of Computer Engineering at Ajou University.

NetSys performs research on topics that are at the boundaries of wireless/mobile networking and embedded/low-power computing systems. As part of our efforts in building a collaborative research environment, we hold weekly seminars from which we discuss and set research directions based on research articles published in various areas of networking and systems research.


Our BK21+ team is designed to achieve global recognition in the area of future software-integrated industry by developing global software workforce. Our BK21+ team consists of 6 distinguished professors from Computer Engineering in Ajou University (Young-Bae Ko, Jae-Sung Lim, Byeong-Hee Roh, Sang-Yoon Oh, Seok-Won Lee, and JeongGil Ko) and more than 30 graduate students.

Team Name

   - Research Team on Autonomous Network Software for Smart Collaboration among Heterogeneous Devices

Team Mission

   - Nurturing experts in the team's research area to increase global competitveness