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Dr. Young-Bae Ko

Curriculum Vitai (PDF)

Academic Advisor, Ubiquitous Networked System (UbiNeS)
Professor, School of Information & Computer Engineering

Office: Room No. 605,
          Paldal Hall,
          Ajou University
Email:  youngko[at]ajou.ac.kr
Phone: +82-31-219-2432
Fax:     +82-31-219-1614

Lectures +

  • Current

    • 2017: System Programming (Undergraduate)

  • Past

    • 2016: Internet of Things (Graduate)
               IT Intensive Course (Undergraduate)

    • 2015: Special Topic on IoT (Graduate)
               System Programming (Undergraduate)

    • 2014: IT Intensive Course (Undergraduate)
               System Programming (Undergraduate)

    • 2013: Mobile Computing System (Graduate)
               System Programming (Undergraduate)
               Special Topics 2 in Computer Communications (Graduate)

    • 2012: Mobile Computing System (Graduate)
               System Programming (Undergraduate)

    • 2011: Advanced Topics in Systems and Applications (Graduate)
               Ubiquitous Sensor Networks (Graduate)
               System Programming (Undergraduate)

    • 2010: Mobile Computing System (Graduate)
               System Programming (Undergraduate)
               Distributed Systems (Undergraduate)

    • 2009: Special Topics on Systems and Applications (Graduate)
               System Programming (Undergraduate)[class 1], [class 2]

    • 2008: Mobile Computing System (Graduate)
               System Programming (Undergraduate)[class 1], [class 2]

    • 2007: System Software (Undergraduate)
               Introduction to Information and Computer Engeering (Undergraduate)

    • 2006: System Programming (Undergraduate)
               Special Topics on Systems and Applications (Graduate)
               System Programming (Undergraduate)
               Ubiquitous Sensor Network (Graduate)

    • 2005: Distributed Systems (Undergraduate)
               Mobile Computing Systems (Graduate)

    • 2004: System Software (Undergraduate)
               Special Topics on Wireless Networks (Graduate)
               System Programming (Undergraduate)

    • 2003: Computer Networks (Graduate)
               Distributed Systems (Undergraduate)
               Introduction to Information and Computer Engineering (Undergraduate)
               Computer System (Graduate)

    • 2002: Mobile Computing (Graduate)
               Introduction to Information and Computer Engeering (Undergraduate)
Education +

  • Ph.D., in Computer Science, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, 2000.
  • M.B.A., in Management Information Systems, Ajou University, Korea, 1995.
  • B.S., in Computer Science, Ajou University, Korea, 1991.

Professional Experience +

  • Sep. 2011 ~ Current   Professor, Dept. of Info. and Computer Engineering, Ajou University, Korea.
  • Sep. 2006 ~ Current   Associate Professor, Dept. of Info. and Computer Engineering, Ajou University, Korea.
  • Sep. 2008 ~ Aug. 2009  Visiting Professor, CSL (Coordinated Science Lab), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), USA
  • Sep. 2002 ~ Aug. 2006  Assistant Professor, Dept. of Info. and Computer Engineering, Ajou University, Suwon, Korea..
  • Aug. 2000 ~ Aug. 2002  Research Staff Member, Pervasive Security and Networking Dept. IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Hawthorne, New York, USA.
  • Jun. 1999 ~ Aug. 1999  Summer Intern, Information Systems Group Hughes Research Laboratory (HRL), Malibu, California, USA.
  • Jan. 1997 ~ Aug. 2000  Research Assistant, Department of Computer Science Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA.
  • Mar. 1995 ~ Feb. 1996  Research Staff Member, Dae-woo Management Research Lab., Seoul, Korea.
  • Mar. 1992 ~ Apr. 1994  Programmer, Korean Army Computing Center, Korea.

Research Interests +

  • Ubiquitous Networking and Computing related Issues
  • Wireless Ad hoc, Mesh and Sensor Networking Protocols
  • Radio technologies, such as WLAN, WPAN, and WMAN (IEEE 802.11, 802.15, 802.16)
  • Military Communications & Tactical Wireless Networks
  • Smart Grid Networks

Professional Honors and Awards +

  • Top 100 Scientists 2010, The International Biographical (IBC), 2010.
  • Who’s who in the world, The Marquis Who’s Who Publications Board, 2008.
  • Invention Achievement Awards, IBM T. J Watson Research Center, Feb. 2002.
  • Best Paper Award from the 4th annual international conference on mobile computing and networking (MobiCom’98), Dallas, Oct. 1998.
  • Scholarship, College of Business Administration, Ajou University, South Korea March 1991-Feb. 1992, March 1994-Feb. 1995.
  • Scholarship, Department of Computer Science, Ajou University, South Korea March-August 1987, March 1988-Feb. 1991.

Professional Activities +

  • General Co-chair, The 9th Annual IEEE Communications Society Conference on Sensor, Mesh and AdHoc Communications and Networks (SECON) 2012
  • Co-chair, The 3rd Workshop on RFID and Ubiquitous Sensor Networks (USN 2008)
  • Technical Program Committee - (Selected in Past 5 Years)
    - IEEE SECON (Sensor, Mesh and Ad Hoc Communications and Networks) 2010, 2009, 2006, 2004
    - IEEE VTC (Vehicular Technology Conf.) 2008 Spring
    - IEEE COMSWARE (Int’l Conf. on Communication System Software and Middleware) 2008
    - IEEE ISPLC (Int’l Symp. on Power-Line Communications and Its Applications) 2008
    - IEEE LCN (Local Computer Networks) 2006
    - ACM WMASH (Wireless Mobile Applications and Services on WLAN Hotspots ) 2006~2004
    - ACM Mobihoc (Mobile Ad Hoc Networking and Computing) 2004, 2010
    - Int’l Conf. on MSN (Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks) 2006
    - ICOIN (Int’l Conf. on Information Networking) 2005
    - IEEE ICON 2004, MWN 2004, ICC 2003, WLN 2003
    - ACM MobiCom 2003
  • Co-Publicity Chair, Annual Workshop on Mobile Ad Hoc Networking and Computing (MobiHoc), 2006 and 2001.
  • Member of the IEEE Computer Society and the ACM
  • Reviewer for several conferences and journals including the following:
    - ACM MobiCom, MobiHoc, etc.
    - IEEE INFOCOM, ICC, ICNP, Globecom, etc.
    - ACM/Kluwer Wireless Networks Journal
    - IEEE Personal Communications Magazine, Transactions on Mobile Computing, etc.

Selected Publications +

  • Cheolgi Kim, Young-Bae Ko and N.H. Vaidya, “Link-state Routing without Broadcast Storming for Multichannel Mesh Networks,” Elsevier Computer Networks (SCIE), Vol.54(2), Feb. 2010, pp. 330-340.
  • Sunghee Lee and Young-Bae Ko, “Efficient Geocasting with Multi-target regions in Mobile Multi-hop Networks,” Springer Wireless Networks (SCI), Published Online: July 2009.
  • Changsu Suh, Z.H. Mir and Young-Bae Ko, “Design and Implementation of Enhanced IEEE 802.15.4 for supporting Multimedia Service in Wireless Sensor Networks,” Elsevier Computer Networks (SCIE), Vol.52(13), Sept. 2008, pp. 2568-2581.
  • Z. H. Mir and Young-Bae Ko, "A Quadtree-based Hierarchical Data Dissemination for Mobile Sensor Networks," Springer Journal of Telecommunication Systems (SCIE), Published Online: Nov. 2007 . Extended version of PWC'06 conference paper.
  • Young-Bae Ko, Joung-Mu Choi and N.H. Vaidya, “MAC protocols using Directional Antennas in IEEE 802.11 based Ad Hoc Networks,” Wiley InterScience Journal of Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing (SCIE), Published Online: Apr. 2007.
  • M.-J. Lee, J. Zheng, Young-Bae Ko and D. M. Shrestha, "Emerging Standards For Wireless Mesh Technology," IEEE Wireless Communications (SCI), Vol. 13 (2), Apr. 2006, pp.56-63.
  • Kang-Won Lee, Young-Bae Ko, and T. Nandagopal, “Load Mitigation in Cellular Data Networks by Peer data Sharing over WLAN Channels,” Computer Networks Journal, Vol. 47 (2), April 2005, pp. 271-286.
  • Jong-Mu Choi, Jungmin So, and Young-Bae Ko, "Numerical Analysis of IEEE 802.11 Broadcast Scheme in Multihop Wireless Ad Hoc Networks," LNCS 3391 (ICOIN '05), Feb. 2005, pp. 1-10.
  • A. Acharya, C. Bisdikian, A. Misra and Young-Bae Ko, "airConn: A Framework for Tiered Services in Public Wireless LAN Hot spots," IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol. 42 (9), Sept. 2004, pp. 124-133.
  • Young-Bae Ko, Sung-Ju Lee, and Jun-Beom Lee, "Ad Hoc Routing with Early Unidirecitonality Detection and Avoidance," LNCS 3260 (PWC '04), Sept. 2004, pp. 132-146.
  • Sung-Hee Lee, Jong-Mu Choi, and Young-Bae-Ko, "UAMAC: Unidirectional-link Aware MAC Protocol for Heterogeneous Ad Hoc Networks," LNCS 3158 (ADHOC- NOW '04), July 2004, pp. 336-341.
  • Young-Bae Ko, Jong-Mu Choi, and Jai-Hoon Kim, "A New Directional Flooding Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks," LNCS 3090 (ICOIN '04), Feb. 2004, pp. 93-102.
  • Young-Bae Ko and N. H. Vaidya, “Anycasting-based Protocol for Geocast Service in Mobile Ad hoc Networks,” Computer Networks Journal, Vol. 41 (6), April 2003, pp. 743-760.
  • Young-Bae Ko and N. H. Vaidya, “Flooding-based Geocasting Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks,” ACM/Baltzer Mobile Networks and Applications Journal (MONET), Vol. 7 (6), Dec. 2002, pp. 471-480.
  • Young-Bae Ko and N. H. Vaidya, “Location-Aided Routing (LAR) in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks,” ACM/Baltzer Wireless Networks Journal (WINET), Vol. 6 (4), 2000, pp. 307-321.
  • Young-Bae Ko, A. Acharya, C. Bisdikian, and A. Misra, "ts-PWLAN: A Value-add System for Providing Tiered Wireless Services in Public Hot-spots", IEEE ICC '03, Alaska USA, 2003.
  • Young-Bae Ko, Sung-Ju Lee, and Kang-Yong Lee, “A Multicasting Protocol for Physically Hierarchical Ad Hoc Networks”, IEEE VTC’03 Spring, Jeju Korea, April 2003.
  • Young-Bae Ko and N. H. Vaidya, “Medium Access Control Protocols Using Directional Antennas in Ad Hoc Networks,” IEEE INFOCOM, March 2000.
  • Young-Bae Ko and N. H. Vaidya, “GeoTORA: A Protocol for Geocasting in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks,” in 8th International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP), Nov. 2000.
  • Young-Bae Ko and N. H. Vaidya, “Using Location Information in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks,” in IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC’99), May 1999.
  • Young-Bae Ko and N. H. Vaidya, “Geocasting in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: Location-Based Multicast Algorithms,” in IEEE Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications (WMCSA’99), Feb. 1999.
  • Young-Bae Ko and N. H. Vaidya, “Evaluation of Protocols for Wireless Networks,” in Conference on Parallel & Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications (PDPTA’99), June 1999.
  • Young-Bae Ko and N. H. Vaidya, “Location-Aided Routing (LAR) in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks,” in ACM MOBICOM '98 (BEST STUDENT PAPER AWARD), Oct. 1998.
  • Young-Bae Ko and J. Lee, “Development of a Malfunction Diagnostic Systems using an Artificial Neural Networks,” in 3rd World Congress on Expert Systems, Seoul, Korea, Feb. 1996.


       Available upon request.